Why We Limit Access to Our Services

The purpose

Our goal is simple, we strive to make is easy to connect owner/operators and fleets with the right vendors/service providers for the purposes of doing business.

The reality is that our services are also valuable to individuals or groups that have other purposes in mind. We make a commitment to businesses in our network to deliver results focused on our objective.

Section 3 of our terms and conditions restricts how users can use our services. We have implemented technology to enforce these limits.

Benefits to vendors/service providers

  • Improved confidence that the results reported by TruckDown reflect actual business received
  • Calls received from users will be from real customers with a real need for services
  • Reduced unsolicited telemarketing calls

Benefits to owner/operators, fleets, and repair management groups

  • Search results consist of validated, quality vendors with accurate information
  • Online services are always available and responsive
  • best-in-class support to registered users to help you get the most out of our services

How it works

Our technology monitors the quantity, speed, and ratios of various actions of our system to determine the likelyhood that a user is an automated bot, a screen scraper, or a user attempting to create a sales list.

Using a progressive system, the technology provides plenty of warning and an escalating set of restrictions.

Early warning

If the activity generated is detected as a potential risk, the first step is our system will display a warning message on each subsequent activity.

This warning message does not restrict anything and is designed to be an early warning to users to let them know to slow down their activity and/or to stop using the site for purposes outside our terms.

Under normal activity, this warning will go away with time.

CAPTCHA (Completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart)

Once the system detects a risk to the system with a high probability, the system will start requesting for a CAPTCHA check on each activity. This does two things - it slows down the activity for the user and it validates that the activity is not generated by an automated computer program.

It is possible to get the CAPTCHA restriction with legitimate use of our services. If this happens, we are more than happy to help identify the tools and processes that will ensure these restricitions can be avoided.

In order to remove the CAPTCHA requests, you must contact us.

System blocks

Once the system detects a risk to the system with a very high probability, the system will block most activities including searching and viewing location information.

In order to remove a system block, you must contact us.

What to do if your access is limited

At times, our system might get this wrong. Possibly a process is being followed that our system doesn't understand or determines is high risk. Most of the time, we have tools that will enable these processes and make your life easier.

If you find yourself restricted, either with a request to verify you are not an automated program or blocked altogether, you can reach out to us. We will be happy to talk to you about what activity caused the block help you optimize your process to get the our services and tools.

If you find yourself restricted in any way, you can:

  • Register an account. This improves our system's ability to assess activity.
  • Contact us to discuss your process in using our site, your objectives, and we can help optimize to ensure that our tools work for you.