Free to use

Free to use

TruckDown provides free access to our full database of service providers across the US and Canada. Access TruckDown on our website or on our mobile apps on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Powerful search and fast results
Tools to save you time

Tools to save you time

TruckDown saves you time by always connecting what you consider important to each vendor you work with. Everything you track follows our locations, ensuring all your information is available as you need it.

Keep track of repairs in progress

Have a truck in for service but can't remember the phone number of the service provider? No need to search - just look at your repairs in progress and the service provider will be listed.

Your ratings matter

When you rate a vendor on TruckDown, you have the option to share your rating with the vendor in question. Positive ratings help build relationships and, since you can change your rating at any time, vendors are incented to make things right if you have a less than stellar experience.

Add your own private notes

Store an internal vendor ID, add notes on payment rules, or just add a general comment on your relationship with a vendor. Any notes you add are saved for your account and get displayed everytime that vendor is displayed.

Your preferred vendors at the top of your list

Your preferred vendors come first

When you add a vendor to your preferred list, not only do you get a list of your preferred vendors, but our search results also change to show your preferred vendors first. No longer do you have to check a separate list before calling a vendor.

Add a network to your list

Do you prefer to do business with a national dealer or tire network? You can add a whole network to your preferred list in one step. Best of all, whenever the locations that make up the network change, your preferred list will change automatically.

TruckDown ACE Membership

TruckDown ACE Membership

If you have a team that wants to share the same pool of information, you can with a TruckDown ACE membership. Click here for more information.