Truck-Legal Routing

TruckDown Routing

TruckDown includes Truck-Legal Routing with all of our fleet membership products!

In order to try out TruckDown Routing, you first have to register a new account or login to an existing one. Registering a new account is fast and free and our Basic Membership includes access to our Routing service with the ability to generate up to 10 Truck-Legal Routes per month.

A Basic TruckDown Membership includes free access to TruckDown Routing. You can generate up to 10 Truck-Legal routes per month and have full access to all Truck Routing features including route cost estimates and fuel tax reporting.

You can also upgrade your account to a Route 50 or Route 200+ membership to get the ability to generate more Truck-Legal Routes each month.

Cost: FREE

Routing options

Basic (FREE)

Route 200 ($240)

Route 50 ($120)

  Generate and save up to 10 routes per month

  All standard TruckDown Search features

  Ideal for individuals

  Generate and save up to 200 routes per month - ability to add additional routes per month

  Advanced support

  Ideal for organizations planning routes on a regular basis

  Generate and save up to 50 routes per month

  Advanced support

  Ideal for IFTA reporting for small fleets