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Jackson Fleet Service
Mobile Only
Atlanta, GA
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24/7 Roadside assistance available.


Truck Services:

  • “No Start” diagnostic
  • Electrical System Check (Check Batteries/Starter and Alternator)
  • Alternators and Starter Replacement
  • Battery replacement (Powervolt batteries w/nationwide warranty w/any Powervolt dealer)
  • Adjustment and Replacement of Belts/Tensioners and Pulleys
  • “Out of Fuel” (Re-priming Units/ Filter Replacement)
  • Electrical Diagnostic (Lighting/Wiring etc.) 
  • Brake Shoes/ Brake Chambers/ Brake Hoses Replacement
  • Air System Diag: Air Gov./Discharge Hoses/ Airbags/ Leveling Valves/ Air Valves
  • National Tire Accounts: Bridgestone, Continental, & Goodyear.

Trailer Services:

  • Electrical System Check (Battery test)  
  • Tire Repair or Replacement
  • Trailer Roof and Hole Repair
  • Light Repair and Replacement
  • DOT Inspections
  • Air Leaks: Brake Chambers/Belly Lines/ Fittings/ Bypass Air Bag or Replacement
  • Chaining Damaged Axles
  • Out of Fuel: Re-priming
  • Battery Replacement
  • Brake Shoe Replacement

Warranty Information:

  • At this time JTR cannot offer preferred dealer warranty. However, JTR does offer Powervolt battery warranty. We also have competence to check for repairs that may be covered under the Freightliner coverage warranty. In our effort to help our customers save money; if a warrantable situation occurs we will provide services to repair the truck. At request JTR will send the old part back with the driver or to the respectable company so they can begin to process parts warranty.

Again we here at JTR would like to say “Thank You for your time”




Services & Amenities Offered:

  • Mobile Repair Service
  • Mobile Tire Service
  • Trailer Repair
  • Vehicle Inspections - Truck
  • Vehicle Inspections - Trailer
  • Transmission & Drive Line
  • Radiator & Cooling
  • Mobile Fueling
  • Liftgates
  • Electrical
  • Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
  • Air Conditioning

Dealer Networks:

  • Goodyear Tires
  • Continental Tires
  • Bridgestone Tires