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Copeland International transmissions Inc.
7200 Ertel Ln
Houston, TX
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Services & Amenities Offered:

  • Mobile Repair Service
  • Transmission & Drive Line
  • Quick-Lube
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Part Supplier
  • Electrical
  • Bus Repairs

Dealer Networks:

  • Allison

Additional Details:

Allison Transmission Parts ($): Allison transmission parts, filters, ECM/TCM, Shifters, Solenoids, Gaskets, Screens, Pan Gaskets - Anything for service or overhaul
Allison Transmission Overhaul, Rebuild, Repair ($): Rebuild transmission, overhaul transmission, repair transmission
Exchange Reman Allison Transmissions ($): Stock units for exchange with customers (depending on serial/part number, stock varies)
Turnkey R&R of Allison Transmission from your Truck, Bus or Equipment ($): Turnkey service includes - initial diagnosis of transmission, removal from truck, cooling system flush, coolant line inspection, trans filter, cooling system flush, Dyno test transmission, re-installation, fill with new fluids, time drive shafts, connect ancillary items, test run equipment for 1 hour, re-flash/re-program tcm if required.
TES295 Allison Transmission Oil Change Special ($): Are you running TES295 fluids? Why will extend your service (oil change) intervals, protect your transmission with a special coating that extends life of the equipment, makes your transmission shift like butter and keeps it running nice and cool. Allison TES295 Fluids are guaranteed to exceed traditional ATF fluids by preventing molecule breakdown under long service changes and high heat. If you are running any Allison Transmission, you should be running TES295 approved.