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Selecting a state, province or search type

Once you select a state or province, the location choices will be limited to locations within that state or province.

Instead of selecting a state or province, you can also select a search type. This allows you to find location by name, phone number, or account number.

Entering a location or search criteria

There are multiple ways to enter a location for searching. Provided you have not selected a search type, you can enter a city, a street address, or a set of coordinates.

Available locations are limited to the US and Canada. If you select a state or province first, then available locations are limited to the selected state or province.

To select a location, just start typing a location and then select the one you want once the list is displayed. If a list does not display, then our system could not find a matching location.

In order to search based on a coordinate, then you can enter coordinates in one of two formats: longitude,latitude (i.e. -104.7153,44.5903) or latDegrees,latMinutes,latSeconds,LongDegrees,longMinutes,longSeconds (i.e. 44,35,25,104,42,55). You can replace commas with spaces or with any coordinate symbols (i.e. ', ", or °) so these all work:
-104.7153 44.5903
104.7153 44.5903
44°35'25" -104°42'55"
44°35'25" N 104°42'55" W
44°35'25" 104°42'55"

If you enter a longitude with a positive number, our system will automatically switch it to a negative number for you. Only coordinates in the US or Canada are applicable.

If you selected a search type, then you can start typing either the phone number, account number, or name you would like to serach for. Similar to a location search, a list will display with any matching criteria our system could find. You must select a match from the list.

Selecting a Service

Our services are split into two categories: services and dealer networks. You can select an option from either list.

If you are logged in, then you have the ability of selecting multiple services from the list. In this case, the system will find any location with any of the services or networks selected.

Expect More

We offer more features than any other road service locator system available. With TruckDown, you can:

   Add personal notes to any location
   Track repair information
   Rate locations
   Build your own searchable list of preferred vendors

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