TruckDown Payment Portal
for Merchants

Get Paid - FAST

Get Paid Fast

Get cash in the bank within 24 hours of having your invoice approved.

Reduce Your Risk

Know you will get paid for all your work without any collections.

Grow Your Business

Provide credit to your customers, knowing that they have the credit for your work.

Simple Low-Cost Pricing

Pay a straight-forward transaction fee - no hidden charges or surprise costs.


Make cash flow a problem of the past

With cbCharge, you get paid within 24 hours of having your invoice approved. No more waiting days or months for your money.

merchant with clipboard
merchant with clipboard

Do what you do best

Provide your customers the ability to pay on credit, with no billing, no credit checks, and no collections. You will not have to process credit applications or chase after invoices.

Stop payment disputes before they happen

Get your work approved before it starts - knowing that when the work is done you will get paid. No more misunderstandings around costs or payment.

trucks getting repairs
trucks getting repairs

Gain access to the TruckDown Payment Portal network

By being a part of the TruckDown Payment Portal, you will gain access to all the fleets and owner operators that use TruckDown and cbCharge to pay for their repairs and maintenance.

How It Works


Register for a free TruckDown account and apply for a cbCharge merchant account. If you already have a cbCharge account, you can link your existing account to TruckDown.

Get Started


Your customer will give you a charge number that you will use to submit an authorization. Authorizations will be either approved or declined - allowing you to know where things stand before any work is done.


Once the work is completed, you submit your invoice. Remember, it was pre-authorized, so your payment is guaranteed.

Get Paid

Within 24 hours of your invoice being approved, your money is in your account.


With cbCharge, you pay 3.00 % of the total of any invoices approved by cbCharge.

For every $100.00 you invoice, $97.00 will be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.
You only pay for invoices that you submit and are approved through cbCharge.