TruckDown Payment Portal
for Commercial Fleets

Secure, No Cost
Charge Account

Total Control

From approval requests to invoice submissions, you control it all as it happens.

Peace of Mind

Centralized approvals with no credit cards or checks to carry around.

Consolidated Billing

No matter how many repair shops you use, you get one statement and one bill with all the details.

No Fees or Costs

All of the benefits without any overhead, fees or hidden costs.


Get your trucks back on the road faster

The TruckDown Payment Portal provides a fast and easy way for repair estimates to be approved and invoices submitted. Reduce the time spent processing payments so your service providers can focus on getting your trucks back on the road.

No more unexpected repair bill surprises

Based on rules you set, you can see and approve estimates before they become bills. Without your approval, vendors cannot submit invoices - you can ensure you never receive a bill you weren't expecting.

Use one charge account for all your repair and maintenance work

Eliminate the need to negotiate credit terms with individual vendors. The TruckDown Payment Portal with cbCharge provides a single charge account that can be applied to all of your repair and maintenance transactions.

Reduce your paperwork with consolidated invoices

Each month you will be sent one statement for all transactions processed through cbCharge. You still get all the details, but you need to make only one payment: no matter how many vendors you used.

Gain total control and visibility into your repair activity

You get real-time access to all your transactions - anytime. See which vendors are submitting approval requests, who in your organization is approving them, and the status of transactions, from start to finish.

Free means free

No fees, No hidden costs, and No interest expense. You gain all the benefits of the TruckDown Payment Portal at no cost to you.

How It Works


Register for a free TruckDown account and apply for a cbCharge commercial fleet account. If you already have a cbCharge account, you can link your existing account to TruckDown.

Get Started


You define what transactions require your intervention. If a transaction comes through that requires your approval, you will get an email asking you to approve it.


You will receive a consolidated statement from cbCharge outlining all of the charges during that payment period.

Pay Bill

You pay the amount on the consolidated statement to cbCharge within 30 days.