Technology Applied for a Purpose

TruckDown believes in technology investments - not because of the latest fad or because some magazine article says something new and cool is out - but when a technology advancement improves our services or makes a difference for our customers.

Since 1997, TruckDown has used technology to keep costs low, to ensure our services are fast and easy to use, to ensure we maintain the highest level of security, and to deliver the best and most advanced features for drivers, fleets, and heavy-duty service providers.

Service you can rely on

Our technology consists of a world-class web farm for delivering web services, a best-in-class secure data center for our database services, and redundant networking services to ensure we are always connected.

All of this means that you can rely on us to be always available. We have even done away with maintenenance periods. Enhancements to services are routinely rolled out without experiencing any downtime.

Taking advantage of the cloud

The cloud is a pretty big buzzword. What does it mean? By leveraging cloud services, we keep our costs down and our services flexible. Our technology stack allows us to quickly add more resources when we need them and reduce our resources when we don't - ensuring our costs are aligned to the needs of our customers. Our technology team is focused on building technology that our customers need - not on building the infrastructure that runs it.

Big data to deliver big results

Our investment in technology has enabled us to leverage multiple data storage solutions to ensure we can securely, accurately, and effectively track the results of every aspect of our system. We have a laser focus on results - and measuring those results - to ensure we are constantly delivering value to our customers.

Big data technologies enable us to track massive amounts of information quickly, securely, and accurately while always respecting the privacy of our users.

Fast and leading development

All of these technologies allow us to have a large (and growing) technology infrastructure to support the volume of users while at the same time having a team focused on developing new technologies to enhance our services to customers. All while ensuring our services are always available, secure, and fast.