Exceptional Customer Service

We may be a little biased, but we feel strongly that TruckDown's customer service team is the best customer service team anywhere. All of us are focused on ensuring you receive value from TruckDown. We understand our business, care about your business, and work hard every day to make sure we deliver on our promises.


You get to decide how you want to receive support. We support everything from self-service features on our web site, on-line forms for submitting questions, e-mail communications, to picking up the phone and talking to us toll-free.

No matter how you reach out to us, you will get the same great team focused on delivering results for you.


Our goal is to be an advocate for you. If you need to get something done, we want you to get it done as quickly, easily, and cost effectively as possible. If you have an issue, we want to get your issue resolved as painlessly as possible.

Whether it involves helping you to enter information into our web site, working with our technology team to plan an enhancement, or communicating with our management team to enhance a service, our team is empowered to align our services to your needs.


TruckDown consists of many groups, from technology to management to administration. All of our groups have different objectives but one primary focus - to support you. As a result, to different degrees, every TruckDown team member is also a member of our customer service team.

This philosophy creates an environment where our customer service team gets a tremendous amount of support. Each team member can directly access any resource within TruckDown to further enhance their support to you, whether this is a resource in our technology team for help or to discuss an enhancement or a resource in our management team to improve a process or service.


What does all of this mean? Ultimately, it means we are easy to work with and deliver results in what we do. It also means that once you become a customer, you stay a customer.