Superior Data Quality

In 1997, launched with 4,000 locations - today the TruckDown network includes over 40,000 locations covering a wide range of services needed to keep trucks rolling throughout the United States and Canada.

Keeping all of these locations up-to-date with accurate service and location information is no small task. With TruckDown, you can rely on accurate contact information, addresses, and service information in our search results.

Our team is focused on data quality in everything we do. We are constantly updating or adding new locations. To ensure our data is always accurate and up-to-date, we:

  • Verify our location data constantly - every day.
  • Enable fleets and drivers to quickly send us reports on any data issues and resolve those issues quickly (usually same business day).
  • Encourage fleets and drivers to send us information on any locations they want added to our system.

On top of making sure our location information is accurate, we also focus on making sure supporting information like ratings are accurate is well. Our two-step process audits every rating that enters our system. The first step is an automated audit that uses the latest technology to determine if a given rating is accurate and relevant. The second step is a manual audit process where our team reviews each rating.