Advertising that Delivers

TruckDown advertising services are different than many advertising services available. We do not try to "brand" your business. We do not try to create as many "hits" or "impressions" as possible. Our advertising services have only one goal - to get new and existing customers to call you directly to purchase a product or service. It's that simple.

TruckDown's Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is to introduce our services to as many drivers and fleets as possible and then to get them to use our services.

We accomplish this in two ways - word of mouth/recommendations from our customers and our own advertising projects.

For our own advertising projects, we do not measure our results on hits, impressions, or clicks - mainly because those numbers are easy to grow. We just do not feel that getting the owner of a Ford F150 to visit our site and then leave does anything for the Ford owner or for any of our customers.

TruckDown's Retention Strategy

Once a fleet or driver visits us and uses our services, we want that fleet or driver to continue to use us every time they need service. This is why we invest heavily on free features to make fleets and drivers lives easier when managing their truck maintenance and repair.

Services like the ability to track repairs, add personal notes to locations, and flagging any location as a "preferred" vendor that will always come up first in the search results are tools that fleets and drivers cannot get anywhere else.

Return on Investment

Ultimately, when someone advertises on TruckDown, we want our customer to get their money's worth. Advertising should be simple - it needs to generate more revenue than it costs.

Our advertising is focused on delivering results. We measure, for every customer every month, not just how often their location was viewed, but also an estimated number of times their location was called. We even have relationships with customers that have dedicated phone lines and call tracking where we can track actual calls and actual repairs to ensure our services deliver value.

Our results reflect actual fleet or driver activity. Our systems do not count views or calls that do not come from actual customers. Our advertising reports do not include machine generated results from on-line search engines or searches performed by other vendors.